Sydney by ferry

There's more to our ferries than Manly & Darling Harbour

A few decades ago, as far as tourists were concerned, catching a Sydney ferry meant the ferry to Manly. That's changed since then, with the Darling Harbour and Parramatta services now full of tourists too. But when you look at the departures board at Circular Quay (the photo shows the old version), that's only two of the 30 or so places you can get to.  So, where else is worth exploring?

That's what this website is all about.  Explore our pages to find out about the places you can get to on the commuter ferries, and what's interesting to do when you get there.  Almost every Sydney ferry wharf has something interesting within walking distance, or a short trip on a connecting bus.

You'll be catching catamaran ferries like the two in the picture above.  On the left is Fantasea Spirit, one of a number of chartered ferries that now supplement the Rivercats on Parramatta River services beyond Cockatoo Island.  On the right is one of the SuperCats, which mainly operate the Eastern Suburbs route to Watsons Bay.

And just north of Sydney, the Hawkesbury is a bigger harbour than Sydney, with its own ferries within easy reach.

It would take you a few weeks to explore everything that's listed here, and most of it won't even need a car.  Get yourself an Opal smartcard and go exploring.

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