Sydney by ferry

The ferries of Broken Bay and Port Hacking

Sydney has more ferries than just those on Sydney Harbour.  North and south of Sydney Harbour (Port Jackson), and still within Sydney's suburbs, there are other harbours that have their own ferries, with more places to walk, eat, swim, browse the shops and spend your day wandering around.

North of Sydney is where you will find most of them - the Hawkesbury has Australia's third-largest ferry network (after Sydney Harbour and Brisbane River) .  These range from ferries as large as those found on Sydney Harbour to small, one man operated commuter ferries.  The Hawkesbury River enters the ocean via Broken Bay, and there are passenger ferry services from Palm Beach, Brooklyn and Church Point, as well as the five car ferries on the river, to explore.  All of the passenger ferries are easy to get to by public transport, although unfortunately none of the car ferries are.

South of Sydney, there is just one ferry, from Cronulla to Bundeena, across Port Hacking.  It is the easiest of all these ferries to reach by public transport - its wharf at Cronulla is just behind the train station.  Sadly, there is currently no ferry operating on the other suburban harbour, Botany Bay.

Although this website is mainly about the regular passenger ferries that charge government-regulated commuter fares, Sydney's other harbours do also have some other small ferries that only operate cruises.  Of course they are more expensive than the regulated commuter ferries, but some of them will take you to places that you can't get to any other way, so there's the odd web page or two here exploring what's currently on offer.

Go exploring   There's a week or so of ferry travel that you could do just on Sydney's other harbours, and without spending a fortune on cruises.

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