Sydney by ferry

The Manly Ferry

Seven miles from Sydney and a thousand miles from care

That was the advertising slogan of the Port Jackson and Manly Steamship Company, but they don't exist any more, the company failed in the 1980's and the state government had to take over the service.  So we lost the traditional ferries that were shown in the posters, and which were worn out, with only South Steyne (now a floating restaurant) and Baragoola (being restored by volunteers) left afloat.  The government built four new ferries, just as big as the old ones, because you need a big ferry to cross the heads in bad weather.

Today, Manly's tourism as as strong as ever, thanks to its reputation, and its superb surf beach.  And the Manly Ferry has competition, with the private operator running much smaller ferries - see the photo above.

If you're wondering how it got that name - well, it really is a trite as it sounds, the first white explorer liked the "confidence and manly behaviour" of the Aboriginals, and the name stuck.

From Manly, there are local walking tracks, and local buses to nearby beaches that aren't so full of tourists.  Go explore.

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