Sydney by ferry

Cabarita to Kissing Point by foot and car ferry

Once upon a time, there were car ferries in many parts of NSW.  Over time, most have been replaced by bridges (like the Harbour Bridge, which replaced a whole ferry fleet when it opened in 1932), but Sydney still has six.  Although five are on the Hawkesbury/Nepean River and far removed from any public transport, one is easy to get to.  It runs across the Parramatta River, from Mortlake to Putney, it's been crossing the river here since the 1920's, and it's free.  The Mortlake Ferry should be around for a long time - the service now has a heritage classification.

You can read more about it here on the RMS web site,  You do need to check this for operating times - it runs all day (half hourly) on weekends, but only in extended peak hours (continuously) on weekdays.

Although it's meant primarily as a car ferry, it does take passengers on foot - in your own cabin, to keep you safe from the cars.  You can take the Mortlake Ferry as a round trip, by catching a rivercat to Cabarita, then following the foreshore walk up to Mortlake Ferry, crossing on the car ferry, and continuing on the other side to Kissing Point wharf.  Or you can do the trip the other way around.

The signs warn you to wait for the ferry skipper to signal you to board - regardless of whether you are a car driver or a pedestrian.  This is because there is no separate footpath to the cabin, so, wait to be waved on board.

You will need to use the Gladesville Bridge to Ryde Bridge walking map to find the riverside walks to use.  There is currently one bit of foreshore walk missing, just west of the car ferry, where you have to detour up to a residential street.

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