Sydney by ferry

Mosman and the rowing club

Mosman Wharf is located right at the head of Mosman Bay.  The maritime history here goes back a long way; the whaling industry started in Mosman, and almost opposite the ferry wharf is its last remaining building, now used by the Sea Scouts.

On the opposite side of the bay to the wharf is Mosman Rowers, with a long history back to 1911 on this site, and now a licensed club with a bistro on the ground floor and restaurant upstairs (and no rowing facilities; they moved to Pearl Bay in 1967 due to crowding from ferries and boat moorings).  The current heritage listed building (seen in the photo above) dates from 1933.  It's a great place to watch the ferry come and go.  You will need to sign in, at the bar downstairs.

From Mosman Wharf, you can either return on the ferry, or take the 230 bus which meets the ferry and ends up at Milsons Point (via North Sydney Station), near the ferry wharf and Luna Park.

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