Sydney by ferry

Rose Bay - flying boats and Vaucluse

Once upon a time, when flying across continents meant flying boats, Rose Bay was Sydney's international airport.  Airliner flights finished when the last flying boat destination (Lord Howe Island) built a conventional runway, and today Rose Bay's landing area is used by amphibious light aircraft charters, mostly taking people to expensive waterfront restaurants.

Today, planes give way to the ferry - check it out when on board, look around.

Rose Bay has a number of places to eat, both close to the ferry wharf in Lyme Park, and further along New South Head Road at the shops.  The latest arrival is Swiss Deli.

What's also of interest is that Rose Bay is the starting point for local walks in the Vaucluse area.  Of interest here is Vaucluse House, originally the home of William Charles Wentworth - the younger member of the team that first crossed the Blue Mounains in 1813, and later the most respected and feared member of the NSW Parliament.  Today, his home is open to the public.  The traditional time to visit is in Spring, when the wisteria is out.

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