Sydney by ferry

The Basin

Once, there were picnic grounds where the main access was by ferry, located all over Sydney.  Most of the them either are no more - such as Fairyland - or can no longer be reached by ferry, such as Clifton Gardens, which once contained the Pleasure Grounds.  Today there seems to be just one left, The Basin, located on the western shore of Pittwater.  It seems to have survived because it is both picnic grounds and a campground, within Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park.

The wooden ferry Myra is the current ferry from Palm Beach Wharf to the western shore of Pittwater.  Bring your swimwear - there is a netted beach area for swimming.

On weekends in warmer months, it can be very popular.  It may be wise to leave before the last ferry, to avoid the risk of an unpleasant choice between an expensive water taxi and the long uphill walk out to West Head Road.

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